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California Virtual Campus

Poster & Illustrations



California Virtual Campus (CVC) serves online community college students by offering an array of online resources, including the ability to search for online classes at other colleges.



The client needed a fun, attention-grabbing poster/flyer to display and provide to faculty members and college professionals at a conference. They requested that the poster include students "announcing" the three subject areas: communications, math, and lab sciences. 



To give each subject section a unique look and feel, I illustrated three diverse students announcing the subject title in three different ways: on a megaphone, with a cupped hand, and with a microphone. I also gave each section its own distinct color palette, stemming from the main brand colors. To keep the overall feel clean, while still appearing fun and inviting, I added small, hand-drawn doodles around each subject title. The doodles correspond to the subject title they are near. The student illustrations style is a consistent style I use on most CVC marketing materials, which helps reinforce the overall brand.

Communities of Practice Flyer-1.jpg
Communities of Practice Flyer-2.jpg
Communities of Practice Flyer-3.jpg
Communities of Practice Flyer-10.jpg
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