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Foothill + De Anza International


Foothill + De Anza International recruits and advises international students within the Foothill-De Anza community college district, located in Silicon Valley, California. After completing a brand refresh, including an updated logo, I designed multiple print marketing materials including the college viewbook. This viewbook is provided to all new potential students via college recruiters. It is one of the first marketing pieces that prospective students will receive and contains information about the colleges, transfer to universities, the local area, student testimonials, and much more. 

As one of the main marketing pieces that will greatly influence if students choose to attend Foothill or De Anza College, it was vital to display all of the information in a clear and welcoming manner. Also, as one of the first pieces that applied the new logo and branding, it was important to execute all of the new brand identity elements in a cohesive and noticeable art direction.

The finished design uses lots of white space and large, beautiful photos to give a clean and professional overall look and feel. The secondary script font is used to add visual interest. We also added a plus pattern overlay to tie into the plus sign from the logo. This viewbook successfully incorporates the new brand elements, while having a distinct visual look and feel apart from other marketing materials. 

all-orange bg copy.png
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