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Foothill College Style Guide

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When I began working at Foothill College, I discovered that they did not have a set style guide. Many of their previous materials were in an array of colors, the logo was being misused, and the imagery did not look authentic. It was clear that we needed a brand style guide.

The college also went through a brand refresh in 2017, with a new logo and website. It was critical to ensure that all faculty and staff knew how to correctly implement the new brand style. I took the initiative to do my own research and write the new style guide. I used student media survey data collected by the college and an informal focus group feedback to decide on much of the imagery strategy. 

My goal was to keep the design and explanations very clear because many different people with diverse skills and backgrounds will use the guide. Social media has become a larger part of the college's communication strategy, so I included a writing and imagery guide for social media as well. The guide was given to all of the college administrators and deans so they could ensure that all faculty and staff are adhering to the guidelines. 

Within two years, most of the college materials being created by staff and faculty was on brand, with correct colors, new logos, and engaging imagery. Having the style guide in place will ensure that the entire college is presented to students as one cohesive brand.

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