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Jeremy T. Feaster Foundation

Brand Refresh

The Jeremy T. Feaster Foundation was started in 2012 in order to create an organization that focused on inspiring, encouraging and supporting Black and underrepresented minority students in serving their community. The foundation believes that anyone can help others and impact their community, regardless of whatever stage of life one finds themselves. The foundation offers scholarships, mentorship, and sponsorship of events and new programs.


In 2015, we worked with JTF to create a new logo. The inspiration behind the logo is the their foundation's motto, "lift as we climb." This motto represents the work that students are doing to lift up their communities, while they are working their way through their own careers as well. The logo icon expresses this through the imagery of a hand pulling up another. The mountains in the background represent the climb up to success.

Recently, it became clear that this logo needed a more modern, clean look. The new JTF logo keeps the same symbolism and imagery as the previous logo, but uses thin lines and a more modern, clean font.


Along with a logo refresh, we created a new brand style guide. This guide includes visuals and directions for how to use the brand colors, logo, fonts, photography, and patterns, as well as social media guidelines and example Instagram grid. The color palette is a brighter, more powerful collection based on the previous palette of blue and black. The fonts, Oswald and Lato, are both clean, modern and  impactful. The photography is genuine and conveys confidence. The use of black-and-white images reinforces that they are serious about supporting others and creating thriving communities. The wave pattern is reminiscent of a topographic map of mountains, which ties in to the mountains of the JTF logo. 


The new brand identity and assets were completed soon before Summer 2020, when the death of George Floyd led to widespread protests and calls for racial justice. The Jeremy T. Feaster Foundation launched a fundraising campaign called #JusticeForBre, in honor of Breonna Taylor, using all of the new brand assets. This campaign raised $8,000 and provided five scholarships for Black students studying health and medicine. 

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