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Kingdom Eyes




Kingdom Eyes is a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities and helps them see themselves as God sees them. They do this through disability awareness trainings for churches and community groups, a discipleship and mentorship program, and international mission trips to provide tools and education for disabled people abroad.



The client wanted a logo that embodied joy, abundance and possibility. Because the audience for this organization is people with disabilities, it was also important to ensure that the logo would work well as a tactile print. This will allow people with visual impairment to actually feel the logo on items. 

The chosen logo icon is a simple, but bold visual representation of the organization's name. The eye and crown imagery make it clear right away what this brand is. The spikes and diamonds on top of the crown show excitement and illustrate royalty. The logotype is playful, with the "K" looping under the "i" next to it, yet still modern and professional. We chose a color palette that is both bright, welcoming, and feels royal. I then created a lockup version of the logo that displays the tagline "See Yourself as God Sees You" below the name.

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ke logo-insta 1.jpg
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