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Let's Talk Ops

Annual Report



Let's Talk Ops (LTO) is a non-profit organization that provides community and resources for operations professionals working in venture capital. As an isolated team of one, most VC fund operators struggle with a lack of access to networks, resources, and support. One way that LTO supports their members is by conducting an annual anonymous compensation survey. The survey results are then presented in their annual report as a way to empower everyone and provide market data they need to obtain a competitive compensation package. 



LTO was in need of support for their annual report design. The audience for the report was both the VC ops professionals and also their managers. It was important to clearly convey the survey data and tell a visual story so that one could possibly present the report to their manager and use it to create a case for gaining better benefits or higher compensation. Most members of LTO are women, so this report is one small way to help decrease the gender wage gap in the venture capital industry and ensure that women are getting compensated fairly.

Before rolling out the entire report design, I presented the LTO team with two different art direction options, including a cover design and three inside spreads. Once the art direction was chosen, I created the rest of the report. The design uses large black-and-white photography to add more visual elements to the data-heavy report. Large blocks of white space with pops of pink, yellow and grays give the report a light, more inviting feel. To help the pages feel more distinct, I created a variety of chart styles and custom icons. 

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