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Brand and Website


Maru is a rental space in San Francisco that offers individuals and small groups a quiet space to work, reflect, and have community. Maru also hosts Transitional Youths (youth transitioning out of foster care between the ages of 18-23) and provides their first housing as they embark on their journey as adults. As these young women live and learn life skills in the main house, they will also learn how to manage a small business through their assistance in Maru operations. 





Before beginning on the Maru website design, we developed a brand new Maru logo and mini style guide.


The word 'maru' means "circle" in Japanese and also is a living room floor in Korean. These two meanings fit perfectly with the space of Maru SF: this is a space where people can come together to find rest and community. The Maru logo uses a calming, welcoming serif font that also joins together two halves of a circle, which represents multiple people coming together to build a whole community. We also created multiple icon variations of the logo that can be easily used for social media and other promotional materials.

Paired with the new logos, we developed a simple brand style guide, including brand fonts and a color palette.





Using the new Maru logo and style guide, we created a clean and easy-to navigate website. This website features in-depth information about the rental space, large photos, and an app to book Maru. 

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