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The New York Foundling

The New York Foundling serves over 30,000 children and families each year by supporting children in the foster care system, empowering individuals with developmental disabilities, helping families struggling with instability and much more. Each year they send their past supporters, as well as new, potential supporters, an appeal packet. This packet includes a booklet that showcases a few stories of the families and individuals that the Foundling has helped that year. 

I worked with MOD-Lab to come up with the art direction for the overall packet, as well as the layout and design of the booklet. The client wanted to keep to a similar, bright design as the previous year's booklet, though they did not want to stick to a specific color palette or design. They also asked that we incorporate the "huggie" shape of their logo in the design. 

My solution for the art direction was to choose a color palette that used their brand red, but also incorporated new bold colors that paired well with the red. For the photos, I chose to have parts of each person popping out of their circular frame. This shows that, with the help of the Foundling, each person was able to break out of their situation and improve their lives. The "huggie" logo is incorporated in the design as playful splashes of color behind each photo. This also symbolized that the Foundling was behind each person they worked with, supporting them to break out of bad life situations. I gave some of the shapes playful patterns to add some textural elements to the design.

After designing the booklet, I assisted in applying the same design to a pledge card, letter, envelopes and social media images. 

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