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Otem Collective

Brand Identity


Otem Collective is a non-profit organization that works to support and strengthen families. Their purpose is to build the capacities of families and communities to care for their children, both locally and globally. 


Globally, approximately 80% of children in orphanages have at least one living parent, which means that children are often placed in orphanages because of poverty, and not because they lack families. When given support, families would choose to keep their children. Otem Collective prioritizes family-based care and seeks to address the root causes of poverty that lead to family separation by partnering with grassroots organizations that focus on family strengthening and community development.

Locally, Otem Collective works with adoptive and foster families, churches, schools, and other community organizations to provide trauma-informed education that helps vulnerable children experience healing, build trauma-informed community, and strengthen families. 


"Otem" is a Leblango word, which is the language spoken by the Lango tribe in Lira, Northern Uganda. In a village, otem is the resting and eating place in the courtyard where elders gather around a fire to socialize and teach children. It symbolizes community, family, and togetherness. The Otem Collective logo visually represents an otem: a fire surrounded by circles of children, families, and a community. 

The overall brand mixes clean, neat elements with handmade, rougher elements. We achieved this in the logo by combining clean circles with a hand-drawn flame icon.


The Otem Collective brand identity was designed to stand out from other similar non-profit organizations. The client wanted a look that was clean and modern, but not too basic and clinical. The brand focuses on families and communities coming together to support children and parents. It's not just about children, it's about supporting the entire family.

The color palette is reflective of what you would see at an otem: fire, sand, and charcoal. These colors are warm and welcoming. We incorporated hand-made visuals, including charcoal paint textures, to represent both the "grittiness" of raising families and the rougher, handmade homes of families in Uganda. The font choices are both clean and modern, but with small quirks that give them character. The photography focuses on families and not just the children; always showing children with their parents, caretakers, family members or community members. The photos also have warm tones and feel comforting and inviting.

The style guide includes examples of how to use the brand elements, color code breakdowns, and social media guidelines. 

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